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Commercial construction project design is a critical phase in any large scale project.

ARCO Group’s design services are the best in the industry, and form the basis of a customer focused, project management led commercial construction project. By engaging design services at an early stage, both ARCO and our clients and stakeholders are involved in the planning and costing phase as led by our project managers.

ARCO Group engages the appropriate technical advisors to assist with innovation, quality control and construction challenges to improve value to our clients. Our design team offers 3D modelling and fly through technology to bring your project to life and avoid expensive design changes during the construction process. Part of ARCO’s design phase includes liaising with Councils, and lodging and obtaining building consents to save our clients teams valuable time.

Design & Build Advantages with ARCO Group:

  • One point of contact throughout the project
  • Value for money & early cost certainty – your price is agreed before the project starts
  • Complete responsibility and liability with our company
  • Complete coordination of all consultants is handled by ARCO Group
  • Fast & efficient construction timelines
  • Open & transparent communication

Get in contact with the ARCO team to experience our design & build processes.