Project Management

Effective project management can make or break a commercial construction project.

Project Management

ARCO’s experienced project managers make the success of our client’s projects their priority. Our construction project management led approach ensures that the lines of communication are always open, construction schedules of works are met and budget targets are met. As well as effectively managing our commercial construction projects, ARCO Group’s project management team is committed to building and maintaining long term relationships with everyone involved in the project.

Through ARCO Group’s project managers, our customers have a single point of contact for project accountability. One ARCO Group contact will be responsible for the project, from project planning, through the design and costing phase through to construction, completion and after care. We create trust through continuity of communication. With extensive commercial construction project management expertise, our project management team adds value to projects by bringing all parties together from the beginning of a project to be involved as stakeholders throughout. We test expectations, eliminate cost risk and create efficiency through communication and the use of technology.

Project Management Process

  • Conception & Initiation
  • Definition & Planning
  • Launch or Execution
  • Perfomance & Control
  • Project Close