Northland Orthopaedic Centre

Commercial Construction
Architects H + K

Construction Of 2 New Operating Theatre's Room & Hospital Area

ARCO Group completed this stylish, modern building for the Northland Orthopaedic Centre which accommodates a day care, surgery centre and support spaces. This building is an excellent example of the great design management and support we offer our clients. Northland Orthopaedic’s now have a building that not only looks great, it functions efficiently with all spaces being used to the best of their ability. This stylish design is key to the effectiveness of the space they have to use.

The building is finished externally with horizontal log run iron mixed with a plaster system which helps to blend in with the surrounding buildings.

This project involved the following:

  • Fully fitted-out operating theatre
  • 6 bed recovery unit
  • Sluice room
  • Pre-operations area
  • Patients prep area
  • Equipment storage area
  • Staff toilet block
  • Upstairs services room