Hihiaua Cultural Centre

Commercial Construction
Moller Architects & RS ENG

Commercial Redevelopment & Construction New Building

ARCO Group partnered with the Hihiaua Cultural Trustees, Moller Architects & RS Eng through the tender model to redevelop their existing premise into a purpose built facility to suit their new business model. The Hihiaua Cultural Centre is now a tourism center enabling you to be able to join the team onsite. Along with the redevelopment of the existing building, we constructed a new purpose built Waka Store for the construction and storage of the Waka’s built in Whangarei. ARCO Group are pleased to have been involved in this unique development.

  • Refurbishment of the existing boat shed
    • Re-cladding & re-roofing to the exterior of the building
    • Construction of new mezzanine floor for commercial office space & lunchroom
    • Construction of viewing platforms and complete internal refurbishment
    • Services upgrade
  • Construction of new Waka Store
    • Structural steel portal structured building
    • Coloursteel roofing & wall cladding
    • Connection of services
  • Construction of new canopy & walkways to the exterior of the existing boatshed & new Waka Store
    • Structural steel portal frames with a timber framed subfloor
    • Coloursteel roofing
    • Sliding partition screen walls